Thursday, 17 May 2012

The proposed NEW book, about the 50+ years that the Bird Obs has been running, is nearing completion! Read on to get a few more details....

The front cover

Over the last few years I have been compiling as much of the data collected here at the Cape Clear Bird Observatory as possible and have eventually managed to get it all into some kind of readable order! The next stage is to get that information out to the paying audience  BUT how many people are there out there who would pay for this information! That is the purpose of this blog.

Before I can decide on how many to get printed, it would be a great help if I could get an idea of the level of interest. I would be very grateful, therefore, if you could indicate your opinion in the Poll to the right and that will enable me to make an informed decision - for a change!

The Book.

I have copied a few sample pages here so you can have an idea of how the finished article will appear. It is my intention to have a Hard cover, full colour throughout and on good quality paper - it will only happen the once so it should be done well! If the page size remains the same as I have it set out, around 155mm x 234mm, there will be around 300 pages.

As far as price goes, I have had a couple of suggestions from printers/publishers and it will be somewhere in the region of €35 - €45.

Chapter 1 Introduction and Birders Guide to the Island

Chapter 2 The History of the Observatory

Chapter 3 The Island and its People

Chapter 4 The Systemmatic List

Chapter 5 Rare Birds Day by Day

Chapter 6 Turtles, Sunfish and Basking Sharks

Chapter 7 Mammals

Chapter 8 Cetaceans

Chapter 9 Lepidoptera

Chapter 10 Higher Plants

Chapter 11 Bird Ringing